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We are Best Credit Union

Best Credit Union is not a bank. To us, "bank" is a four-letter word.

We’re a member-owned cooperative that was established and continues to operate on the principal of members helping members. We’re not owned by a holding company or some crazy, faceless conglomerate. We’re owned by over 40,000 members that are just like you.

Best Credit Union is not-for-profit. That means after meeting essential reserve requirements and paying operational expenses, profits are returned to our members in the form of:

  • Higher savings dividends
  • Lower loan rates
  • Reduced rates for member services
  • And more...

It’s time to stop banking with traditional financial institutions that put profits ahead of people. It’s time to start banking with a full-service credit union that can help you live your best life!

How We Differ From a Bank

Best Credit Union A Bank
Members are the owners Stockholders are the owners
Members earn dividends Stockholders earn the dividends
Each depositor, now owner, has one vote at our annual meeting, regardless of dollars on deposit Stockholders have a number of votes determined by the numbers of shares of stock they own.
Unpaid, volunteer Board of Directors Paid Board of Directors
Depositors (owners) elect their board from among members. Stockholders elect their board
Owners' voice determines the CU's direction Stockholders determine direction
Lend only to our owners Loan to non-owners, customers
Offer better rates Charge more fees
Organized to meet the financial needs of its members Organized to make profit for its stockholders
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